Full colour name badges now available February 01, 2017 15:39

Our new flatbed printer is up and running and we have added full colour name badges to our product list.

Just send through your logo or image when ordering.

We can send back a proof if required.

Soon we will be offering printed ID cards also. 

Roccet ID now encompassing Roccet Engraving products January 08, 2017 14:55

Roccet Engraving and Roccet ID now share the same logo to help customers recognise the relationship between the two parts of the business. In a nut shell Roccet ID is just the personal ID part of Rocet Engraving but now also has all products previuosly available for online sale from Roccet Engraving. 

Feel free to browse all we have to offer. 

Race medals October 28, 2016 13:01

Have you been part of Blackmores running Festival or the City to Surf and would like your time recorded for ever? We can provide engraved tabs to fix to the back of your medal with your time or any other information that may be missing from your finishers medal  such as the distance.

New arrivals September 04, 2015 12:08

Orange bands for the Elite range and our new ID for wearing on your shoe has arrived. 

Inspired by the Newcastle running group Wooters Runners we have added orange and now have 9 different colours to choose from. Only available for Roccet Elite or Roccet Elite with barcode though.

Shoe ID has arrived and will be listed very soon. 

Orange is the new black August 29, 2015 20:44

Wooters Runners

New product arriving soon! August 11, 2015 15:06

We are happy to announce that we will soon be offering a new product called Shoe ID. Some of our customers have expressed interest in wearing ID on their shoes as opposed to wearing on their wrist.

This product should be available by the end of August.

We will also be offering orange wristbands as an option in the Elite wristband range.

New helmet and bike ID stickers now available July 03, 2015 21:39

Medical conditions May 15, 2015 20:19

One of our more popular choices for information to be engraved is a persons medical condition. Customers have been requesting that a serious medical condition such as previous heart surgery or a renal transplant be applied to their ID band. The person's name and details are not shared with anyone else and remain confidential. If anyone knows someone that this might be applicable to then we are more than happy to help them out. We are currently looking at ways we can put some money towards research and awareness of certain conditions from the sale of our products. If anyone has some suggestions feel free to contact us.

Roccet Elite with barcode May 03, 2015 19:22

Announcing the release of our Roccet Elite wristband with barcode.

Can be used for your local running event or in workplaces where a barcode scanner may be present

Roccet Vee bands now available April 28, 2015 11:05

Our new product called a Roccet Vee wristband is now available. 

Available in 3 colours and 2 sizes

Nylon and Velcro bands arriving soon April 18, 2015 14:13

Our new line of wristbands should be ready for sale by Anzac Day. They are nylon with Velcro offering a large range of adjustability. Will be available on two sizes and in black, red or blue.

Thankyou for visiting Roccet ID February 19, 2015 14:32

Roccet ID now open for business.

More products to come in the near future including a range of products utilizing the versatility of QR codes.

Stay tuned!