Roccet Vee and sticker combo


Nylon and Velcro adjustable wrist band and bike and helmet sticker combo.                                                                            **Free Delivery Australia Wide 

Easily adjustable for your personal comfort.

Available in 2 sizes and 3 colours, black, red and blue

Very comfortable & lightweight

Either band can fit different sized wrists

22cm bands will fit a wrist with a diameter of 14 cm to 17 cm

24cm bands will fit a wrist from 15 cm to 19 cm

Each band comes with a stainless ID plate with up to 6 lines of information engraved on it.

Our stickers are manufactured from an extraordinary material that is resistant to extremes of temperature, chemicals and abrasion, as well as being almost impossible to remove once the adhesive is set.

Helmet ID sticker is 50mm x 12mm

Bike ID sticker is 50mm x 24mm

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